Landlubbers Episode 2: Something's Fishy releases today! And it's playable in your browser, for free.

April 8, 2021

Gather around, Landlubberinos! Today we launched three really exciting things:

  1. A new game. Landlubbers Episode 2: Something's Fishy is out today. It's playable in your browser, for free right here. In fact...
  2. Episode 1: A Whole Latte Love has been re-released for the web. Having to install our game is a barrier to folks playing it, and we want every adventure gaming fan/fan of the sillies to play. All our games are available on the web now, and we'll continue to experiment with this.
  3. A new website. This is Taco Eslepo Studios' new home.

Landlubbers Episode 2: Something's Fishy

It's mid-2020. We're in the midst of a global pandemic. Fiona's boss, Linda, installs a koi pond in the office... and now Fiona's been deemed an essential worker who needs to feed the office fish.

We didn't think we'd set this episode during the pandemic. In fact, Katie's got a bunch of scenes and characters for a much larger story that we were planning to tell. After a long hiatus, and wanting to ship a fun game, we decided to ship a similar-sized installment of Landlubbers set in the world we've been inhabiting for the past year.

Don't worry: it's a light and silly game. We're not into sinister themes or sadness here at Taco Eslepo Studios.

Browser-based point-and-click adventure gaming?!

Yep! You don't need to install our game. In fact, there aren't any installers to download. You can only play Landlubbers in the browser. All our episodes are available here. We are really excited about this development because it makes it easier for people to play our games.

For the technically-inclined, we build Landlubbers using a game engine called Visionaire Studio. One of the build targets is Web Assembly and, with a bunch of fiddling, we got it to work the way we wanted (mostly).

What's next?

Building these two episodes has been a really fun creative outlet for us, and we're excited to talk about the process and all that we've learned. Neither of us are game developers, so this is new territory for us! We're going to write some blog posts in the coming weeks talking about our process and sharing our story.

As for the next game, we plan on making Episode 3 much longer, and will take a break for a while first. We don't want to commit to a timeline because we've got other stuff going on. Separately, we have some shorter, but exciting, ideas we're thinking of pursuing. If we do, you'll hear about it from us.

Stay tuned!

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