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We're a two-person indie game studio. We make Landlubbers, a goofy episodic adventure game where you play as Fiona, an office assistant charged with pointless tasks by her boss, Linda.
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Need help playing? New to the point-and-click adventure game genre? Read The Landlubber's Guide to Playing Landlubbers.

Landlubbers episode 1

A Whole Latte Love

Fiona's boss, Linda, learns about hashtags and wants her to fetch an oat milk latte. #oats4lyfe #thestruggleisreal

(30-60 minutes of gameplay.)

Landlubbers episode 2

Something's Fishy

Fiona's boss, Linda, installs a koi pond in the office in the middle of a global pandemic. Fiona is deemed an essential worker who has to feed the fish.

(30-60 minutes of gameplay.)


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About us

Katie Brookoff

Katie is Taco Eslepo Studios' artist. In addition to making games, Katie draws comics and illustrations, writes short humor pieces, and plays 4 chords on the banjo.

For punny cartoons, follow her on Instagram @katiebcartoons and see what else she's up to at


Vikram Oberoi

Vikram is Taco Eslepo Studios' programmer. In addition to making games, Vikram is a software engineer, consultant, creator of, and occasional sandwich maker/blogger at

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Apr 8, 2021

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The Landlubber's Guide to Playing Landlubbers
Apr 7, 2021

Have our game's controls stymied you? Are you new to the point-and-click adventure game genre? Do you want to know with certainty if Vikram the taco salesman (as opposed to the indie game developer) sells his tacos on a sliding scale? Look no further!