The Landlubber's Guide to Playing Landlubbers

April 7, 2021

Have our game's controls stymied you? Are you new to the point-and-click adventure game genre? Do you want to know with certainty if Vikram the taco salesman (as opposed to the indie game developer) sells his tacos on a sliding scale? Look no further!

What are the game's controls?

You play as Fiona, who appears in scenes in the Landlubbers universe. You can move Fiona around the scene by left-clicking.

Fiona, pacing in her office.

There are always objects in these scenes that you can interact with. When you hover your mouse over those objects, their names will show up.

That suspicious painting looks suspicious.

If you want to interact with an object, right click on it and the action menu will show up. You can choose from one of three actions: look at, use, and talk to. Choose the action you want to take by left-clicking on it.

Fiona, not wanting to use the computer.

You can do this with characters, too.

Fiona looking at and attempting to use the Taco Salesman.

When you talk to characters, you'll be able to select dialog at the bottom of the screen. You can skip dialog by left-clicking if you're impatient.

Fiona talking to the barista, Katie.

There's always an option to return to a different discussion, or to exit the dialog. These options are usually at the bottom of the list of dialogs. Note that highlighted arrows will appear to the right if there are more selections. Use them to scroll up and down.

Fiona wanting to get out of this conversation and out of this coffee shop, fast.

Sometimes when you "use" an object. You'll pick it up. Press "i" to open your inventory. Note that you can interact with items in your inventory in the same way as above.

Fiona thinks business cards are pointless.

You can use your inventory items with objects by left-clicking on the item, then clicking on the object you want to use it with. You can also do this to give items to characters. Note this isn't "drag-and-drop" in the traditional sense. Click on the item first, your cursor will turn into the item, then click on another object.

Fiona tries to put a gift card into the raffle bowl.

Want to cancel your use of the inventory item? Just click anywhere on screen that is not an object.

That's it! Those are the controls.

That's cool, but what do I do?

Your job is to help Fiona accomplish her goal. In Landlubbers Episode 1: A Whole Latte Love, Fiona's got to fetch an oat milk latte for her boss. In Landlubbers Episode 2: Something's Fishy, Fiona's got to feed the fish in the koi pond that your boss, installed in the middle of a global pandemic.

(Many games in the point-and-click adventure genre adopt more sinister themes, but that is not the Taco Eslepo Studios way. Our goal is to make you chuckle 'til you buckle.)

While we set up the story and goal in the first 5 minutes, we leave it up to you to figure out how to achieve that goal. You'll need explore the Landlubbers universe:

  • Interact with objects on-screen, sometimes they'll help you with clues or you can pick them up and use them.
  • Talk to characters and pay attention to what they have to say.
  • Head to obvious places, like the cafe, to procure an oat milk latte. Then learn it costs $5.50 and you don't have the money. Then figure out how to get the money. Then maybe investigate the suspicious painting in your office... and so on!

If you're stumped and need a hint, we don't have guides (yet). But tweet at us on Twitter or DM us on Instagram and we'll help you out!

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